Car Shipping

Worldwide shipping of all kinds of goods

> Import / Export.

> Shipment of Cars, Vans, Trucks, Heavy equipment.

> Shipment of Containers (FCL).

> Shipment of conventional goods (LCL).   more....    view video....

> Custom Documents Service.

> Insurance.

> Picking - Shipping.

     Logistic solutions from Carshipping Transport SÓrl
     We offer you various services in the areas of logistics and warehousing as well as pick-up, delivery, packaging, repackaging, labelling.,.
     We hold capacities throughout Belgium, but also abroad. Whether small or large items, our warehouse is ready for your customised solution.

     Our solution "Picking & Shipping" is another benefit for the dispatch of all your products.
     So, "keep cool and relax we take care about everthing and you can confidently focus on your major business.
     We would be pleased to find the best solution in your area of application.